Тест Уровень 3

Ваше Имя:
Номер телефона:

Укажите букву с правильным вариантом ответа

1. This time yesterday we … in the restaurant.

2. Elizabeth … in this office since October.

3. He was tired because he … in the garden.

4. I … him as soon as I get back home.

5. It’s no use … on the phone. Rhita left it at home.

6. Adam suggested me … this contract.

7. I expect my friends … me with cleaning.

8. Train … at 3 o’clock tomorrow

9. The girl avoided … alone in the park.

10. Friends … for hours before they saw a light in the house’s window.

11. If you make an advertisement, you … the camera.

12. … it was raining, Sarah took her umbrella.

13. I wish I … more time of my life on travelling.

14. There isn’t … in the bottle. We should go and get some in the supermarket.

15. My grandma always makes me … to bed early when I stay at her house.

16. The flowers … three days ago.

17. They ran … of petrol on their way home.

18. She is a very … man.

19. Sheila is not … Christian.

20. This is the woman … bag was stolen yesterday.